Where the history becomes alive

Where the history becomes alive

Multimedia Park «Russia – My History. Sverdlovsk oblast» (Yekaterinburg, Narodnoi Voli St., 49) is an advanced complex, where everybody can come across the history of Russia since the ancient times to the current days. The Park uses modern technologies and approaches vividly telling about heroes and events, covering connections between different epochs, cultures, men’s faith, and saving historical accuracy.

Recently, Rector of the USLU named after V.F. Yakovlev, together with the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, accompanied by the Head of the regional multimedia historical Park «Russia – My History», visited several existing exhibitions of the Park, paying special attention to the exhibition called «Ukraine. At the turn of the epochs»*. Also, Rector visited a permanent exhibition called «The Rurik Dynasty» where he was attracted by a unique sword from the Kulikovo field.

*The project «Ukraine. At the turn of the epochs» aims to popularize the history, to
explain the origins of the modern event, which are rooted in the depth of centuries
and are part of the inextricable thread of time.
Ten thematic halls cover a large historical period from the foundation of the Old
Russian State to the present days.
The first ones saw the exhibition were the visitors of the Exhibition Hall «Manege»
(Moscow). There, in November, the exhibition was highly rated by Vladimir Putin.
Further, the exhibition will be seen by the visitors of historical Parks «Russia – My
History» in more than 15 cities.
In Yekaterinburg, it will be held until February, 12.
As for the unique exposition «Nikolai Kuznetsov. Legend man», the jury of the
prestigious international award Best Event Awards World Experience-2021
acknowledged it as the most technologically advanced in the world.

The last day of the January was marked by the signing of the agreement on cooperation between multimedia historical Park «Russia – My History» and Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev. The document was signed by the heads of these institutions represented by N.M. Proshina and V.A. Bublik. At the ceremony of signing, there were students and lecturers of the USLU, who visited a tour on the exhibitions «Ukraine. At the turn of the epochs» and «Not in Word, but in Deed» devoted to Peter I and Nikita Demidov. Due to this agreement future lawyers will be able to visit different exhibitions on the regular basis.

Multimedia Park «Russia – My History»:

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