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The Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev" was founded on September 15, 1918. The founder of "Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev" (hereinafter – USLU) is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Every year 12,000 students, postgraduates and trainees receive secondary vocational and higher education at USLU. Education is carried out at 21 chairs, 7 departments and institutes, in the department of postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The educational process is provided and supported by such important structures as: 7 research centers, the USLU publishing house and the scientific library, whose fund has more than 800 thousand items. Since 2015, the Department of Scientific Research and International Cooperation, which includes the Scientific Research Sector, the Center for Legal Expertise and Consulting and the International Relations Department, has been carrying out its activities.

The structural subdivisions of the university are the editorial offices of the journal «Russian Juridical Journal» and «Russian Law: Education, Practice, Science». Current issues of legal science and practice are also covered in the journals «Business, management and law» and «Herald of The Euro-Asian Law Congress». The formation and development of a unified university community is facilitated by the publication of the monthly corporate newspaper «Jurist».

13 scientific schools of USLU educate the younger generation of scientists. Student Scientific Society of USLU unites student scientific societies of all institutes. The main scientific event of the year is the All-Russian Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Evolution of Russian Law".

In order to integrate the University into the global educational and scientific space, USLU carries out international cooperation on the implementation of bilateral and multilateral academic exchange in the field of higher legal education. The university cooperates with 16 partners of neighboring countries and 14 partners of distant foreign countries – higher schools, universities, and academies.

Since 2011, the University has the History Museum of SLI-USLA-USLU. Its activities are aimed at preserving the historical memory of the University, studying the traditions of legal education as a fundamental feature of the genesis of the legal system, as well as the experience of SLI-USLA-USLU as the leading law university in the country.

There are 7 student associations at the University. This creates conditions for the student’s active life, their civic self-determination and self-realization, for maximum satisfaction of the needs for intellectual, spiritual, cultural, creative, and moral development.


Worthy places in national university rankings testify to the USLU effective activities, in particular:

- Rating of Russian law universities, 2017 (List of the best universities in terms of graduates' salaries in 2011–2016) - 7th place (out of 20).

- Rating of universities demand in the Russian Federation, 2017 (universities in the field of management, economics, finance, jurisprudence) - 22nd place (out of 61).

- Ranking of higher law education among legal consulting leaders, 2016 - 6th place (out of 33).

USLU has received awards for its activities, including:

- Award of the Independent Public Council of the competition «Gold Medal. European quality».

- 1st degree diploma of the XIII Interregional Specialized Exhibition «Education from A to Z. Career». (Ekaterinburg, 2011).

- Laureate diploma of the competition «Top 10 IT projects for the public sector» (2010).

- Laureate diploma of the ХХ Interregional Specialized Exhibition «Education from A to Z. Career-2008». (Ekaterinburg).

- Laureate diploma of the ХХ Interregional Specialized Exhibition « Education and development. Book boom» (Ekaterinburg, 2008).

Since 2002, Ural State Law University has been a diploma winner at specialized exhibitions on education.

The formation and development of the University was carried out by the work of several generations of professors, teachers, and employees – adherents of the law values and the best traditions of higher education in the training of high-class lawyers.

The graduates of the University at different times became well-known lawyers in Russia and abroad — V.F. Yakovlev, U.Ya. Chaika, P.V. Krasheninnikov, A.K. Daulbaev, A.A. Evstifeev, A.B. Karlin, A.N. Kokotov, L.O. Krasavchikova, A.U. Sinenko, O.S. Khokhryakova, I.E. Manylov, A.S. Golovin and many others. A special place among them is taken by the prominent Russian jurist, the founder of the Ural Scientific School of the Theory of State and Law, one of the authors of the current Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation - S.S. Alekseev.

The employment rate of USLU graduates is more than 95 %. They replenish the personnel reserve of law enforcement agencies, public authorities and municipal administration, banking, insurance, investment spheres, legal structures of enterprises, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership.

USLU is rightfully proud of its remarkable centenary history and maintains a leading position in the modern academic community, being, as before, the «forge» of legal personnel.