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Tourist club "Aurora"

Head of club: Martsinkevich Leonid Artemovich

Phone: +7-912-600-01-47



In the 60s of the last century, an outstanding lawyer, statesman and enthusiastic tourist Sergey Sergeevich Alekseev founded the tourist club "Aurora"at the Sverdlovsk law Institute (SLI).
Students and teachers of the SLI organized rafting on the rivers of the Urals, hiking to Lake Baikal, hiking in the Ural Mountains and many other parts of the country. In the 80s, the tradition of hiking was interrupted. The tour club ceased to exist.

In autumn 2017, a group of students from the Institute of the Prosecutor's Office decided to recreate a tourist club, aiming for high-quality recreation and leisure for students. The tourist club organizes both multi-day hikes and weekend hikes. The first case allows you to fully immerse yourself in the tourist life, the latter - to taste it, as well as have a good time in nature with a close-minded company.


Logo of the «Aurora» tourist club

Aurora has already made many trips, including: to Shunut, Azov, Kachkanar, multi-day rafting on the Chusovaya river, a hike to the Georgievsky rocks, the Seven Brothers rocks, the Revun rapids, etc.

At least 1-2 weekend trips are organized each month, which allows you not to get bored on the weekend after studying. The tourist club is developing, the number of our routes is constantly increasing, new interesting places are opening up, plans are being made for new trips.

We are always happy to welcome students and teachers who, like us, share the desire to relax in nature by the fire, with camp food and the sound of string vibrations piercing to the depths of the soul. If you feel it in yourself - do not be shy, join our club! 

Student Squad of Public Law Enforcement "Scorpion"


Squad leader: Slyusarev Kirill Antonovich

Phone: +7-900-389-43-41


Charter of "Scorpion"

In our University, the SSPLE "Scorpion" is actively working, created with the aim of maintaining law and order in the native university, interacting with law enforcement agencies, and preventing offenses among citizens. Its activities were repeatedly highly appreciated by the leadership of Ural State Law University, the Administration of Ekaterinburg, the top leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In 2003, the squad was recognized as the best operational student squad in Russia.

The «Sсorpion» is a family. All members of this family help each other, try to spend more time together. They study, train, work together, and celebrate holidays.

The squad’s memebers who went through the «Scorpion» school and graduated from the walls of Ural State Law University are now continuing the work once started in the squad —service to the Motherland, but in the bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Prosecutor's office, Investigative Committee, Federal Security Service of Russia.


Student Squad of Public Law Enforcement «Jurist»

Squad leader: Minyagin Gennady Mikhailovich

Phone: +7-904-984-23-40



Charter of "Jurist"

The student squad of public law enforcement "Jurist" at USLU is a self-governing student organization created for the protection of public law and order on the territory of USLU and Ekaterinburg.

Date of creation of "Jurist" - February 8, 1977. It was on this day that the first specialized student division for public law enforcement "Jurist" was created in the country.

Today SSPLE "Jurist" is a worthy successor of the good traditions of the specialized student division for law enforcement.


Student Pedagogical Squad "Karat"


Squad commander: Urubaeva Kristina Olegovna
Squad commissar: Titov Egor Alekseevich
Phone: +79048775977

Charter of SPS "Karat"

The «Karat» student pedagogical squad is an association that prepares students to work in children's health camps. We know how to make a child's summer bright and unforgettable!

The squad was created in 2008. We have rich traditions, irrepressible imagination, a lot of humor and a huge supply of good mood! In the summer, we are camp counselors, and the rest of the time, we take an active part in events at both the academic, and interuniversity levels.

For candidates for membership, training sessions are held, where they get basic knowledge in a playful way and in a friendly atmosphere: peculiarities of working with children of different ages, games, exercises, activities, psychological and legal aspects, medical training, and much more.

Life in our squad is a strong friendship, interesting acquaintances, incredible creative adventures, and unforgettable impressions!


Student Parliamentary Debate Club


Head of club: Burkov Ilya

The parliamentary debate club is a discussion platform where the game simulates the parliament meeting, participants prove the point of view that they got by lot. The game simulates the discussion of draft laws on a wide range of topics - from ethics and justice to law and international relations.

Members of the parliamentary debate club conduct trainings to prepare for debates, as well as take part in all-Russian, citywide and University tournaments.


Volunteer squad "Donors of USLU"


The volunteer squad "Donors of Ural State Law University" was created with the aim of developing the donor movement among students and attracting the number of healthy students to donate blood.


Volunteers of the "Donors of Ural State Law University" squad are regular blood donors to the city Blood Service. 

There are about 20 permanent donor students in USLU, and about 200 students are just starting their donor journey!


Student Sports Club "Lawyer"

Club leader: Sudilovsky Pavel Evgenievich
Phone: +79126291466


VK group:

Students, graduates, teachers and employees of Ural State Law University have always been famous not only for their sharpness of mind, scientific achievements, but also for high results in sports.

Student sports club "Lawyer" is an intra-University student organization that selects and trains teams to perform at international, national, regional, city and district events. The club has participated in such events as: "Cross of the Nation", "Ski Track of Russia", Walking Day, "Evening Ekaterinburg", "May Walk", Universiade among universities of the Sverdlovsk region, ASSC Russian Championships.

Sport is a state of mind, not just a body. If you are ready to become an athlete, not even for a pedestal, for your own sake, then you are ready to live, and not only exist!


USLU Council of Communities

Chairman of the Council: Sunduy Olchey Rafaelevich
Phone: +79991245503


USLU Communities Council is a university-wide student self-government body, formed taking into account the nationality of students. 

Currently, there are 6 communities in USLU: Azerbaijan, Armenian, Buryat, Kazakh, Tuvan, Yakut.

The Community Council helps to improve the interethnic climate among university students, achieve harmonization in relationships between university students, strengthen friendly relations, quickly adapt visiting students to the University environment, and increase intellectual knowledge in matters of cultural and historical heritage.