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Preparatory Institute (Faculty):

Collaboration with Corporations

The University development program includes measures for integration with other universities, scientific, medical and other organizations, carrying out research and (or) development and (or) educational activities and (or) activities in the field of engineering research and (or) production of new technological products.

Types of integration by activity fields:

- Scientific.

- Educational.

- International.

- Innovative.



Agreement on the international preparation of dissertations

Université Paris Nanterre – Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev.

Department of Research and Doctoral Studies (DRED) - Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies.

One-time dissertation defense in Russian and French.

PhD (EU) - Candidate of Juridical Sciences (RUS).


BRICS Law Institute

The Protocol on the intention of cooperation in the BRICS Institute of law project was signed on June 17, 2015 in Ekaterinburg.

Project purpose: development of scientific and educational cooperation between Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, and South African educational organizations of higher legal education through:

- joint conduct and coordination of comparative studies of the legal systems of the BRICS countries;

- legal research and development of BRICS normative documents and their interaction with national legal systems;    

- legal expert and consulting work in the field of BRICS.


International Consortium of Law Universities


-  The Russian State University of Justice (RSUJ).

-  Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev (USLU).

- Saratov State Law Academy (SSLA).

- Moscow State Law University (MSLA).

- Tashkent State University of Economics.

- Kyrgyz State Law University.

- Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics.

- Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.



Association of Legal Education (founders)

- Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

- Moscow State Law University (MSLA).

- Ural State Law University named after V.F. Yakovlev (USLU).

- Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN).

- Saratov State Law Academy (SSLA).

- Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU).


Association of Lawyers of Russia

German-Russian Association of lawyers (Deutsch-Russische Juristenvereinigung eV).

The organization facilitates the exchange of information and experience between lawyers in Russia and Germany, as well as the establishment of new professional contacts in these countries. We also maintain contacts and cooperate with lawyers from other CIS countries.


Russian-German Law Institute

RGLI was formed as an international structure uniting the leading legal research and university centers of Russia, Germany, and Austria in order to effectively implement research and educational projects, as well as to support businesses and government agencies in their practical activities.

Agreement between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and USLU

USLU students can practice in trade representations of the Russian Federation in foreign countries.


Foreign educational institutions cooperating with USLU on the establishment of joint educational programs, including universities such as:

- Comenius University in Bratislava together with Matej Bel University (Slovakia).

- Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany).

- KAZGUU Law School (Kazakhstan).

- Tashkent State University of Law (Uzbekistan).

- Kyrgyz State Law University (Kyrgyzstan).

USLU resource center in Mongolia

Agreement between Mongolian Academy of Russian language and USLU (June 2020)

- preparation of applicants for passing entrance examinations at USLU;

- implementation of the state policy in the export of Russian education sphere;

- development of proposals for creating a set of measures to increase the attractiveness of USLU educational programs for Mongolian citizens.



Cooperation between Swiss Academy for International Law and USLU

Joint educational program "International and comparative law".

Integration with UrFU

Realization in parallel of two educational programs in the specialization 40.04.01 "Jurisprudence" by USLU and in the specialization 41.04.05 "International relations". Development of a joint master's program "Information Security and Network Regulation".

Forms of integration with USMU (educational activities):

Realization of innovative educational programs in the professions of the technology platform "Medicine of the future".

Development and implementation of the master's program "Lawyer in healthcare sphere".

Realization of the profile "Medical law" under the master's program "Legal support of state and municipal authorities".