USLU at the international conference in the Tauride Palace

USLU at the international conference in the Tauride Palace

By the decision of the Council of CIS Heads of State, 2023 was declared the Year of the Russian language as the language of interethnic communication in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

On October 26, the grand opening of the international conference «The Russian language is the basis of the integration dialogue in the CIS region» took place in the Tauride Palace (Saint-Petersburg).

The event was attended by: Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Matvienko Valentina Ivanovna, Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Volodin Vyacheslav Viktorovich, Governor of Staint Petersburg Beglov Alexander Dmitrievich, Secretary General of the CIS Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Kravtsov Sergey Sergeevich, Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots, living abroad, and for international humanitarian cooperation Primakov Evgeny Alexandrovich.

The conference was attended by representatives of universities of the Consortium «Euro-Asian Law University», in particular: Director of the Law Institute of the Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn Smanaliev Kynatbek Moynokovich, Director of the Institute for Advanced Training of Teachers of Institutions of Higher Professional Education of the Republic of Tajikistan at the Tajik National University Mirzamonzoda Khairullo Mirzamon, Head of the International Relations Department of the Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh Shaniyazov Shakhimardan Olzhabayevich.

Our university was presented by the Head of the International Cooperation Department Kozubenko Yuri Vyacheslavovich and the Head of the International Relations Department Zheriborov Denis Sergeevich.

In his report on the topic: «Russian as the language of universal international communication in legal activity», Yuri Vyacheslavovich stressed the importance of studying the Russian language by citizens of CIS member states entering Russian universities for higher education programs and proposed to provide foreign students with the opportunity to choose the discipline «Russian as a foreign language» as an elective during the entire period of study.

Also in his speech, Yuri Vyacheslavovich touched upon the problem of the implementation of network educational programs and the lack of regulation of the activities of international scientific and educational consortiums.

At the end of the report, Yuri Vyacheslavovich proposed to develop a model law on international academic mobility of students in the CIS countries, as well as a model law on environmental monitoring.

The organizers of the conference, along with the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, were the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Russian National Library, the Presidential Library named after B.N. Yeltsin, St. Petersburg State University, the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen.

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