Meeting in Minsk

Meeting in Minsk

On April 08, in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) was held a meeting between the Director of the Institute of Justice Azaryonok Nikolay Vasilyevich and Nikita Sosnov, a student of the 318B group of Institute of Justice, who is currently studying under the academic exchange program at Belarusian State University.

The meeting was attended by Sergey Arturovich Kalinin, Deputy Dean of the BSU Faculty of Law for Scientific Work and Olga Viktorovna Yemelyanovich, Deputy Dean of the BSU Faculty of Law for International Cooperation and Internationalization of Education.

Nikita shared his impressions about Minsk, the university and the teachers. During the time spent in the capital of Belarus, he managed to explore the city. Most of all, he liked the National Library and its observation deck.

Nikita said that there are more classes at the Belarusian University and many of them are practice–oriented. He was particularly surprised by the seminars on criminalistics, which are held in an interactive form. Nikita also noted that BSU teachers often conduct a comparative analysis of the legislation of Russia and Belarus.

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