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Scientific and Educational Center for Studying the Theory and History of State and Law


 Ekaterinburg, 21 Komsomolskaya St., office 210   


 +7 (343) 374-30-08


Scientific and Educational Center - a specialized division of Ural State Law University.

It was created by the decision of the Scientific Council of Ural State Law University dated November 17, 2014 (Protocol № 4). The purpose of the Center is to develop basic research, scientific and human resources to study the problems of theory and history of state and law.

The objectives of the Center are:

1.  development of fundamental theoretical, historical and interdisciplinary research on legal issues; coordination of theoretical and historical legal research at the University;

2.  disclosure of creative potential and involvement of students, undergraduates and postgraduates in the study of theoretical and historical problems of law;

3.  preparation of scientific works (monographs, articles, bibliographic materials, etc.);

4.  presentation of the research results in the field of theory and history of state and law to the scientific community;

5.  organization and implementation of cooperation programs with Russian educational and research institutions, research centers, editorial offices of scientific journals and individual scientists in the areas of research activities of the Center;

6.  introduction and implementation of the research results obtained in the educational process, participation in the preparation of educational and methodological literature;

7.  organization of advanced training for teachers in courses of study of theoretical and historical legal disciplines;

8.  participation in competitions for scientific research grants and other forms of organizational and financial support for research by scientific foundations, government bodies and other organizations.