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Department of Physical Education and Sports

Head of the Department: Valery Grigorievich Petrov
Address: 620137, Ekaterinburg, 23 Komsomolskaya St., office 208
Telephone: +7 (343) 374-62-02 +7 (343) 367-40-34 (54 Kolmogorova st.)

Physical training of students in our University has been carried out since its formation, since 1918. However, the first steps towards the formation of modern content and forms of physical education of students were made in September 1935, when the discipline "Physical culture" was introduced into the curriculum of the University (after the formation of the Department of Military Sciences and Physical Culture). Its first teachers were T. A. Osin, E. A. Khorosheva, and from the 1937/38 academic year – P. A. Pukhnovtsev. On March 8, 1948, according to the order of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education dated February 23, 1948, "On the organization of departments (independent courses) of physical education and sports in the universities of the Main Directorate of Law Institutes of the USSR", a course of physical education and sports was allocated from the military department of the Sverdlovsk Law Institute with subordination to its deputy director of the Institute for Academic and Scientific Work.

Teachers were appointed teachers of physical training of the military department V. D. Martyanov and N. S. Rudakova, senior teacher - V. D. Starovoitov, laboratory assistant - K. V. Trofimova. From the next academic year, five teachers began to work at the department, and in December 1949 A.V. Kilchevsky, later Honored Coach of the RSFSR in Volleyball, was elected head of the department. Later, the department was headed by: a participant in the Great Patriotic War, holder of three medals "Soldier's Glory" and the owner of a number of other state awards V.D. Starovoitov, M.F. Bogdan, V.I. Ignatenko (later Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor), Candidate of Biological S.G. Sesyunin, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences A.P. Falkov, V.P. Vasyuk, Associate Professor V.G. Petrov, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation V.I. Rogozin.

In January 1951, the Main Directorate of Legal Higher Educational Institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, and then the leadership of SLI, made important decisions aimed at improving the quality of physical education of students. Since that time, students with disabilities in health began to engage in physical training according to a special program, and for practically healthy students, according to medical control, optional classes in skiing and athletics were introduced twice a week for all study groups of 1-2 courses. These events served as a starting point in the development of sports at the University and targeted health-improving work by means of physical culture with students with various diseases. However, physical education classes were held only on the course of general physical training with the use of athletics, skiing, and sports games until 1963.

Since October 1963, the department was headed by V.I. Ignatenko, a graduate of the State Institute of Physical Culture of Omsk. From this time, the gradual introduction of specializations in sports into the educational process began. In the 1970/71 academic year, a creatively strong team of teachers was formed, each of whom was engaged in the development of "their" kind of sport. These are N. S. Rudakova (table tennis), V. I. Endeberya (athletics), V. G. Petrov (classical (Greco-Roman) and freestyle wrestling), V. A. Chernykh (boxing), A. p. Falkov (gymnastics), M. A. Georgiev (sambo), V. M. Lebedev (orienteering, tourism), K. A. Neganov (skiing), V.P. Vasyuk (basketball, handball), V.I. Terekhov (volleyball) - subsequently chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Council of the student sports society "Burevestnik", I.S. Berdnikov (rowing, skiing), G. S. Chernikova (skiing).

In the second half of the 1960s a sports club was opened at the Institute. Its chairman was one of the strongest athletes of the university, first-grader in handball, football, athleticsб and skiing Viktor Perevalov (later - head of the Department of Theory of State and Law, Rector and President of the University). From that time until 1998, the sports and recreation camp of the Institute "Olymp", located on the bank of the Glubochinsky pond in the area of Polevsky, Sverdlovsk region, worked. All its activities, from construction and repair works to mass sports and health, cultural and educational events, were provided by the Department of Physical Education and Sports.

Thousands of students of SLI-USLU, teachers and staff of the University, and their families gratefully remember their vacation in the camp: classes in sports sections, sports tournaments, match sports meetings with teams from Polevsky and pioneer camps, hiking trips to Azov mountain, Sokolinaya mountain, and, of course, the traditional joint (faculty, students and staff) preparation of a festive "table" in honor of the opening and closing of camp shifts, where everything took place in a friendly and democratic atmosphere, regardless of the age and status of the campers. A major role in the development of the camp was played by its chiefs: masters of sports of the USSR Associate Professor V. M. Lebedev and Professor I. M. Chemakin.

In the 1960s, the best athletes of the Institute were students, masters of sports of the USSR Viktor Vorobyov (champion of the USSR among students in classical (Greco-Roman) wrestling, later Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs), Igor Chemakin (champion of Russia among students in Sambo, after graduation – senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, later moved to the Department of Administrative Law, Doctor of Law, Professor), Nikolai Tarasov (winner of the USSR championship among youth and the world festival of youth and students in classical (Greco-Roman) wrestling).

In the 1970-1980s the most developed were classical (Greco-Roman) wrestling (coach V. G. Petrov), Kyokushin karate (coaches V. Zinkovich, V. Minenkov, S. Yakunin), sambo (coach M. A. Georgiev), orienteering (coach V. M. Lebedev). The University's teams in these sports were one of the strongest in the Sverdlovsk region. During these years, the winners and prize-winners of the All-Union and All-Russian tournaments became known in the Sverdlovsk Region and beyond: S. Bocharov, S. Ignatiev, M. Imanov, A. Medvedev, Yu. Strelnikov, N. Maltsev, M. Magomadov, Yu. Barabashov (all Greco-Roman wrestling); В. Размыслов (V. Razmyslov (free-style wrestling, judo, sambo); S. Zapolsky (USSR master of sports in sambo, champion of all-Union competitions of UVSS Dynamo, champion of the state of Texas (USA) in judo); S. Belonogov (prize-winner of the All-Union tournament "Olympic reserves in Greco-Roman wrestling"); N. Tarasov (master of sports of the USSR of international class) and V. Okrui (master of sports of the USSR) - both prize-winners of the championships of the Russian and All-Union Council of the SVSS "Burevestnik" in Greco-Roman wrestling; V. Beloglazov (master of sports of the USSR in orienteering, champion of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and the All-Union Council of the SVSS "Burevestnik"); S. Libanova (champion of the Sverdlovsk region in swimming); Yu. Solovyov, Z. Darbishukhumaev, V. Rybalko (miltiple Champions of the Sverdlovsk region in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling); L. Troshin and V. Bublik (miltiple Champions of the Sverdlovsk region in Greco-Roman wrestling); Yu. Turygin (champion of the Sverdlovsk region in freestyle wrestling and sambo, winner of the All-Russian tournament in freestyle wrestling); R. Mamedov (winner of the All-Russian Sambo Tournament); S. Bocharov (multiple winner of All-Russian tournaments in Greco-Roman wrestling); V. Ordinartsev (winner of the Kazakhstan Cup in judo, champion of the Sverdlovsk region in karate); S. Militsin (multiple champion of the Sverdlovsk region in judo), E. Kustov (one of the best football players of the university, captain of the SLI team in 1977-1981) and many others. At that time, the department repeatedly took the 2nd places in competitions-contests of the departments of the university for the organization of extracurricular work with students, and among the departments of physical education and sports of universities of the Sverdlovsk region - one of the leading places in terms of the level of organization of educational, scientific and methodological, mass health and sports work. Throughout its history, the department has systematically held various sporting events among teachers and staff, - competitions in cross-country skiing, volleyball, all-around GTO, bullet shooting, athletics crosses; organized sports sections. For many years, a volleyball group worked, which included teachers who were members of the combined sports teams of the Institute during their student years - B.K. Kiknadze (Department of Physical Education and Sports), V.D. Perevalov, V.M. Korelsky, V.I. Leushin, S. I. Arkhipov (Department of Theory of State and Law), A. A. Davletov, I. Ya. Dyuryagin, T. A. Solovieva, V. M. Paradeev (Department of Criminal Procedure), V. I. Soloviev (Department of the History of the CPSU), P.S. Tobolkin (Department of Criminal Law), A.S. Smykalin (Department of History of State and Law), V.I.Bukreev (Department of Philosophy), etc. Under the guidance of Department’s teachers, the team of University teachers won prizes in the complex competition in the regional interuniversity sports contest "Cheerfulness and health" among teachers and employees. Teams in cross-country skiing (K.A.Neganov, I. Ya.Dyuryagin, G.V.Shelkovkin and others), volleyball (V.D.Perevalov, A.A. Davletov, V.I.Bukreev, T. A. Solovieva, V. I. Soloviev, V. I. Leushin, S. I. Arkhipov, B. K. Kiknadze and others), bullet shooting (V. V. Popov - chairman of the sports club SLI), chess (V.F.Gorbova, K.A.Neganov and others) and the all-around GTO were especially successful.

Since 1994, Associate Professor V.G.Petrov began to develop armwrestling (armwrestling) in Ural State Law Academy, and two years later, two of our students rose to the podium of the Russian Championship: A. Zuev (then successively Deputy Prosecutor of the VerkhIsetsky and Leninsky districts of Ekaterinburg) and E. Bochkarev. At the University games of the Sverdlovsk region universities, the Sverdlovsk region Championships and other competitions in the 1990s, the most successful teams were were Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, arm wrestling (all coach V.G. Petrov), boxing (coach G.F. Pecherkin), sambo and judo (coach V.P. Razmyslov). Every year, the department holds a sports festival of freshmen in 6 sports, University sports contest in 13 sports, university championships in hand-to-hand combat, sambo, Russian bench press, chess, Greco-Roman wrestling, bench press-marathon, etc. Sporting events are dedicated to significant dates, outstanding teachers, and graduates of the university, including Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

The shooting and sports tournament held under the guidance of the senior lecturer of the Department, a veteran of military operations in Afghanistan and the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, Colonel V. I. Starovoitov, is very popular among students. Within the framework of the tournament dedicated to the world-famous brilliant Ural gunsmith, three times Hero of Russia, Doctor of Technical Sciences, General M. T. Kalashnikov, in cooperation with officers of military units of the Yekaterinburg garrison, veterans of military operations and other "hot spots", fire competitions are held from a service rifle weapons (PM, AK). Military standards for assembly and disassembly of weapons systems are fulfilled, master classes, exhibitions and expositions of weapons and ammunition are held with the mandatory deployment of field kitchens in the area of the University's educational building № 2. The final stage of the tournament is the passing of tests according to the GTO standards with the subsequent presentation of gifts and signs to the winners of the competition. For this purpose, the University made a special medal-coin dedicated to M. T. Kalashnikov and the AK machine gun of the 1947 model.

Also, on the initiative and presentation of the department, students-athletes are encouraged by the Academic Council and the Rector of the university for excellent academic success, sports life, and active participation in the patriotic movement. In 2015, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, the best students visited the Hero City Minsk and the Hero Fortress Brest. The system of organization of physical culture and sports at the University, and this is both the educational process and mass sports work during extracurricular hours of students, allows the University’s teams and individual athletes to successfully compete in external competitions. So, at the Universiades among students of universities of the Sverdlovsk region, the University performs in 22-25 types of programs. In the complex classification, it regularly takes 4-6th places among 22 participating universities of the region. National teams in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, boxing, chess, armwrestling, sambo, hand-to-hand combat, powerlifting, skiing, badminton, karate traditionally take leading positions at this sporting event.

Our students constantly take part in competitions of law enforcement agencies of the Sverdlovsk region in mini-football, chess, streetball, and volleyball. The department annually represents the most numerous teams in the Kirovsky district of Ekaterinburg in the All-Russian athletics "Cross of the nation", in the competitions "Ski track of Russia" and "Ice of our hope" (2-3 places in the team championship). The university has trained a large number of champions and prize-winners of championships of the Sverdlovsk region, the Ural Federal District, all-Russian tournaments in sambo, judo, combat sambo, boxing, armwrestling, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, hand-to-hand combat; prize-winners of the Russian championships in armwrestling, Slavic-Goritsky wrestling, sumo wrestling, hand-to-hand combat, French boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, bench press. In 2013, the teams of the Ural State Law Academy in Greco-Roman wrestling and armwrestling (women) were recognized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Regional Federation of Trade Unions as the best student sports teams in the region.

Systematically, leading university athletes fulfill classification standards, including the sports title "Master of Sports of Russia." USLU is rightfully proud of the professional successes of its graduates, who were the best athletes of the university in their student years, members of the university’s teams. Successfully combined in-depths sports and studies at the university, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yu. Chaika (Greco-Roman wrestling), Rector of USLU V. Bublik (Greek-Roman wrestling), the President of the Ural State Law University V. Perevalov (handball, football, athletics, skiing), First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation A. Buksman (skiing, Greco-Roman wrestling), Doctor of Law, Professor N. Tarasov (Greco-Roman wrestling), former Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yu. Skuratov (basketball), former First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yu. Biryukov (Greco-Roman wrestling), Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation V. Grin (boxing), Director of the Department of Control and Verification of the Implementation of Decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation S. Vasiliev (Greek-Roman struggle), deputy of the State Duma of the VI-VII convocations E. Valeev (sambo), former Prosecutor of Ingushetia, Stavropol Territory , Novouralsk, Head of the Department of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation for the Ural Federal District, and now Advisor to the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Y. Turygin (freestyle wrestling, sambo), member of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Daulbaev (Greco-Roman wrestling), Deputy Chairman of the Board - Chief of Staff Association of Russian Lawyers J. Dzhakupov (Greco-Roman wrestling), Advisor to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation G. Pilikin (Greco-Roman wrestling), former head of the Department of the Prosecutor General's office of the Russian Federation Yu. Strelnikov, Doctor of Law, Professor V. Balakshin (skiing), A. Davletov (volleyball), Z. Neznamova (skiing), S. Libanova (swimming), I. Chemakin (sambo), M. Kazantsev (Greco-Roman wrestling), S. Degtyarev (boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling), head of the department of the Academy of Justice in Moscow S. Zapolsky (sambo), head of the department of the Ufa branch of the Russian State University of Justice V. Samigullin (Greco-Roman wrestling), former Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation V. Demidov (Greco-Roman wrestling), Head of the Investigation Department of the USSR SSC Directorate for the Chita Region S. Belonogov (Greco-Roman Wrestling), Head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Komi N. Basmanov (Greco-Roman wrestling), head of the Department of the Main Investigation Department of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Edreshev (Greco-Roman wrestling), former prosecutor of the Main Investigation Department of the USSR Prosecutor General's Office of the USSR Yu. Barabashov (Greco-Roman wrestling), Prosecutor of the Tyndinsky District of the Republic of Tyva V. Kuular (FIDE master of chess) and many others.

In 2007, the university's arm wrestling team (coach V. A. Marchuk) for the first time took 2nd place at the World Championships among students, in 2008 - 4th place and in 2012 - 3rd place at the Russian Championships among students. The peak of sports success in recent years was the performances of graduates of the Institute of Justice A. Anfilofiev (coach V. G. Petrov) at the European Championships (1st place in 2010 and 3rd place in 2011), at the World Cup (3rd place in 2011), at the world championships among armwrestling masters (1st place in 2016-2018) and R. Dzhabbarov at the Powerlifting World Cup (1st place in 2010, coach V. A. Marchuk), victory of the student of the Institute of Prosecutor M. Mansurov (coach A. Bure) at the World championships in Kyokushin karate in 2015 and 2017. In the 2016/17 academic year, our athletes most successfully performed at the Russian championship in hand-to-hand combat and at all-Russian workshop tournaments in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. Leaders and teachers of departments and the administration of USLU are traditionally interested in the development of physical culture and sports among students. They systematically participate in competitions on a par with students: ректор В. Rector V. A. Bublik (in bench press-marathon championships) and a number of teachers (professor V. S. Balakshin and associate professor R. A. Fayzrakhmanov – in skiing and athletics; Associate Professor A. A. Kovalev - in athletics marathons, half marathons and triathlon in Ekaterinburg, in Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy, South Africa, etc.; Associate Professor K. L. Branovitsky - in Greco-Roman wrestling competitions in Ekaterinburg and at the championship (2nd place) of the state of Schleswig-Goldstein in Germany; Director of the Institute of Law and Business, Associate Professor D. A. Gavrin - at the championships of the Sverdlovsk region in sambo, and in athletics marathons and half marathons in Ekaterinburg, Russia, abroad, etc.), giving students an example of a high level of personal physical culture. Every year, the University determines the best athlete, coach, curator for sports and mass work.

According to the results of the competitions, by order of the rector, gratitude is announced, athletes, coaches are awarded with diplomas, students For athletic merit, athletes studying on an off-budget basis, as a rule, receive a reduction in tuition fees annually. At meetings of the Academic Council, students are awarded documents (certificates, badges) on the award of the title "Master of Sports of Russia", diplomas and medals from the championships of the city, region, the Ural Federal District, Russia, etc. Upon graduation, the most outstanding graduates in sports are awarded with certificates of honor of the University "For merits in the development of physical culture and sports at Ural State University of Law". Going in for sports during his student years, V. Bublik, V. Perevalov, S. Zapolsky, I. Chemakin, Yu. Strelnikov and many others became masters of sports and candidates for master of sports.

Until 2017, the department taught the following disciplines: "Life safety" (candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor V. I. Aksenova, excellent student of culture and education of the Republic of Sakha - Yakutia A. T. Mineeva; candidate of medical sciences N. V. Zhitinkina), "Special tactical training" (laureate of numerous state and departmental awards associate professor V. I. Starovoitov), ​​"Fire training" (associate professor D. G. Mikhankov) and "Physical culture". At present, the department teaches "Physical culture (Elective courses in physical culture)", which remains the largest in terms of the number of goals and objectives, the volume of hours and the number of teachers who implement it, "Life safety" and "Physical culture and sports".

Today, the Department of physical education and sports remains the center of educational, educational-methodical, scientific-methodical and organizational work on physical culture and sports at the University. To solve them, a systematic approach is used, which largely depends on the professionalism of the department teachers, which is headed by an honorary worker of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, an honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation Valery Grigorievich Petrov - laureate of personal and team championships in Russia, trade unions of the country and international tournaments, four-time champion of the USSR among students , a six-time world champion among masters, veterans of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling, awarded the medal of the order "Merit for the Motherland" II degree, order of "Friendship" and the insignia of the Sverdlovsk region "Sports Valor", awarded the honorary badge of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Physical Culture and tourism "For merits in the development of physical culture and sports", the holder of a scholarship (repeatedly) of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region "as a coach who has achieved high sports results at international and Russian competitions." His colleagues are also well-known athletes with sports titles of masters of sports, state and departmental awards, academic degrees of candidates of science.


Deputy heads of the department: coordinator for educational and educational-methodical - associate professor V.A. Marchuk, for sports and mass work - teacher A.V. Lebedev. Senior laboratory assistants D. N. Antipin and N. V. Stepanova do a lot of work to ensure the educational process and sports events, the preparation of educational, methodological and scientific materials; provide operational communication with sports organizations of Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region; departments, directorates, educational divisions, departments, health center, PH USLU and other organizations of the University; solve the issues of renting gyms, etc.

The management structure of the Department includes heads of educational departments and heads of physical education in institutes and departments. There are three educational departments in the discipline "Physical culture": the main one (for those who, according to the medical examination, are healthy, but have not previously been involved in sports. They are offered a choice of sports: hand-to-hand combat, armsport, Greco-Roman wrestling, volleyball, basketball, cross-country skiing, kettlebell lifting, athletic gymnastics, aerobics, football, Sambo, athletics, General physical training); special (for students with health problems); sports (for students who want to engage in their chosen sport in depth: arm sports, hand-to-hand combat, Boxing, Sambo, cross-country skiing, swimming, powerlifting, table tennis, speed skating, volleyball, basketball, athletics, chess, Greco-Roman wrestling, karate, judo, freestyle wrestling, etc.).

One of the key directions of the department's activity in the modern period is the preparation of educational, methodological, and scientific materials. This is facilitated by the active participation of its teachers in various international, all-Russian and foreign scientific and practical conferences on the issues of professionally applied physical training of law students, the use of static loads in the educational process, psychological preparation and international education of students, improving the independent work of students, physical rehabilitation students with disorders of the cardiovascular system and organs of vision, improving the educational process and mass sports work, publishing works that meet the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, RSCI and others. Annually the department holds an all-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation "Actual problems of physical culture and sports in the educational environment". A number of the Department’s teachers defended their candidate theses.

The activity of the department contributes to the holistic development of personality, forms a motivational need for a healthy, sports and safe lifestyle, physical improvement, lays the foundation for motor and functional readiness, gives a huge experience in using the means and methods of physical culture to optimize mental and physical work, psychological stability. And, of course, the most important achievements of the department are the massive organization of physical culture and sports at the University and its result - excellent physical fitness and health of those who now work in all regions of Russia and abroad - in law enforcement agencies, in teaching, in other areas of activity, including business.