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Preparatory Institute (Faculty):

Department of Information Law

Head of the Department: Petr Uvarovich Kuznetsov

Doctor of Juridical Sciences
Address: 620137, Ekaterinburg, 23 Komsomolskaya St., office 205
Telephone: 8(343) 374-32-57

The department was created in May 1998, after the introduction of the discipline "Informatics and Mathematics" into the State Educational Standard for Law. The first names of the department ("information and legal technologies", "information law and natural science disciplines") were determined by the profile of the basic training course, mainly related to the teaching of mathematics, informatics and concepts of modern natural science.

Since September 2001, the head of the department is Petr Uvarovich Kuznetsov, Doctor of Law, Professor.

In November 2010, at the initiative of the head of the Department, the Academic Council gave the Department a new name - "Information Law". The name change is related to bringing it in line with the new information realities of modern life and changing the structure of educational and scientific disciplines. In accordance with the profile of educational disciplines, teachers of various scientific specialties work at the department: jurisprudence, physics, mathematics, pedagogy, computer science. Practical lessons are held in computer classes using a specially developed methodology with elements of innovation.

The department provides teaching of the following academic disciplines: legal informatics, information technology in legal activity, information law, legal support of information security for bachelor's and specialist's degrees, information support for state and municipal administration, information support for management of the subject of management activities for master’s degree.

The department prepared and published three editions of the inter-university textbook "Information Technologies in Legal Activities" with the heading "Admitted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as a textbook for students of higher educational institutions studying in the specialty "Law". The department also issued a textbook "Information Law" with the heading "Admitted as a textbook for students of higher educational institutions studying in the specialty "Law".

Basic scientific research at the Department is conducted in the scientific specialty 12.00.13 "Information law" under the supervision of the head of the Department, Doctor of Law, Professor P. U. Kuznetsov. He is a member of the USLU Dissertation Council and the Dissertation Council Of the Institute of State and law of the Russian Academy of Sciences. On May 20, 2009, by order of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, he was awarded the academic title of Professor at the Department of Information Law.

At the department, theses were prepared and defended for the degree of Doctor of Juridical Sciences (Kuznetsov P.U.), Candidate of Juridical Sciences (Volkov Yu.V., Parshukov M.I., Gulemin A.N., Antonova E.E., Andreev P.G.) in the scientific specialty 12.00.14 Administrative law; Financial law; Information law". They were awarded the academic degree of candidate of juridical sciences. Currently, the scientists of the department are preparing three doctoral and three candidate theses.

Scientists of the department constantly participate in international and all-Russian scientific conferences on topical issues of information law development held by the Institute of state and law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Presidential library, and leading Russian universities. Leading scientists of the Department, together with scientists from Lomonosov Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University, conduct research in the framework of the international project for the formation of legal support for international information security.

In accordance with the program of the Department, scientists and teachers of the Department conduct research on the introduction of fundamental knowledge at the applied level and the use of information technologies in the scientific and educational process. Every year more than 100 students take part in the work of SSS circles in the disciplines "Information technology in legal activity" and "Information law". The works completed within the framework of the SSS are successfully defended at student conferences of various levels. Professor P. U. Kuznetsov and Associate Professor M. I. Parshukov awarded diplomas for the preparation of prize-winners of the contest "My legislative initiative".

In 2011-2015, a creative group led by the head of the Department P. U. Kuznetsov conducted grant research in the framework of international, national, and regional programs for the introduction of information technologies in science, education, and socio-economic development.

In 2011, the creative team of the department under the leadership of Professor P.U. Kuznetsov became the laureate of the All-Russian competition "The best 10 IT projects for the public sector" held by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation in the nomination "The Best Project for the Transfer of Public Services in the Field of Law Enforcement and Security to Electronic Form", having received a Laureate Diploma and a commemorative award.

Currently, research is being carried out in terms of organizing and implementing Internet technologies for conducting the educational process and scientific activities.