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Department of Financial Law

Head of the department: Vinnytsky Danil Vladimirovich
Doctor of Juridical Sciences
Address: 620034, Ekaterinburg, 54 Kolmogorova St., office 202
Telephone: (343) 367-40-32

The Department of Financial Law organizes and conducts educational and methodological work in the disciplines of the financial and legal cycle (including tax law, financial law, budget law, international tax law), as well as the implementation of major scientific research on the profile of the department and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in the financial and legal specialty.

Since its establishment in February 2006, the Department has been actively involved in important international and all-Russian research projects, and also ensures the involvement of young scientists in science. It organizes and supervises research work carried out by undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students, as well as research bachelor and specialist students. The authority of the Department in the scientific community is confirmed, among other things, by its demanding quality of scientific qualification works and publications. Its representatives hold various positions in international scientific associations and expert groups in Russia and the CIS, as well as abroad, in particular in Western Europe and South-East Asia, in the SCO and BRICS associations.

Despite the fact that the Department of Financial Law was recently created, financial and legal research and teaching of the disciplines of the financial and legal cycle at the University have their own history. At various times, financial law in the SLI - Ural State Law Academy - Ural State Law University was taught by such famous scientists as Doctor of Law, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Sergeevich Alekseev, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation Sergey Vasilievich Zapolsky, an experienced teacher of the Academy, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education Lev Sergeevich Malokotin, who taught the course of financial law at the university for almost 60 years.

Lev Sergeevich entered the postgraduate course of the SLI at the Department of Civil Procedure Law in 1959. In 1963, under the scientific supervision of an outstanding scientist, Doctor of Law, Professor K. S. Yudelson, he defended his candidate thesis on the topic "The role of state arbitration bodies in organizing and ensuring settlement legal relations". The chosen topic of the L. S. Malokotin’s thesis on the problem of settlement relations, which in the Soviet period were one of the central elements of financial relations, predetermined his further specialization and an active role in teaching subjects of the financial and legal cycle. During the Soviet and transitional period, L.S. Malokotin worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Civil Procedure, Department of Soviet State Law and Soviet State Construction, Department of Economic (Entrepreneurial) Law. At the same time, Lev Sergeevich collaborated with the «Knowledge» Society, for more than a quarter of a century he headed the City University of Legal Knowledge under the City Council of Sverdlovsk.

In the 1980s - early 1990s. teachers S. V. Zapolsky, A. V. Kazakov, G. G. Pilikin, A. M. Kozlovsky, A. A. Chernukhin and some others were involved in teaching the subjects of the financial and legal cycle. In 1999, D.V. Vinnitsky, under the leadership of L. S. Malokotin, defended the first dissertation in the Ural State Law Academy on the newly created specialty "Financial Law" in 1996.

From 1997 to 2006, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation Vasily Stepanovich Yakushev, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Sergeevich Belykh, Doctor of Law, Professor Danil Vladimirovich Vinnitsky and Sergey Vasilievich Zapolsky participated in the training of teaching staff. Although the latter left the SLI in the 1980s and moved to Moscow, he acted as an official and unofficial opponent for many theses that were defended at USLA before the establishment of the Department and in the first years of its operation. In October 2003, D.V. Vinnitsky defended the country's first thesis on the problems of Russian tax law ("The main problems of the theory of Russian tax law"), V. S. Belykh acted as a scientific consultant on it.

In 2004-2016 teachers of the Academy (University) defended ten more theses in the specialty of financial law, for almost all of which Professor D.V. Vinnitsky acted as scientific adviser, including on the doctoral thesis of Alexander Vasilyevich Demin (2014), who continued his scientific and pedagogical career at the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.

Currently, active scientific and teaching activities at the department are carried out by Doctor of Law, Professor D.V. Vinnitskiy (head of the department from the moment of its formation to the present), Candidates of Law, Associate Professors O.S. Zhgarev, A.I. Savitsky, V. M. Kukushkin, Yu. V. Filatov, S. A. Cherepanov, L. S. Malokotin, teachers A. A. Chernukhin, E. V. Pustovalov, I. A. Rakov, A. V. Vinnik, S. A. Sushkova, E. A. Zakharov, A. A. Grigoriev, D. A. Kurochkin, S. S. Izvekov and some others.

The department works closely with leading scientific schools in Russia and the world in the preparation and defense of theses, research and organization of various research and educational projects. In particular, on a permanent basis in scientific and educational projects of the department are involved representatives of the scientific school of the Moscow State Law University (Professor E. Yu. Gracheva), Moscow State University of International Relations / MGIMO (Professor G. P. Tolstopyatenko), Moscow State University (M.F. Ivlieva), St. Petersburg State University (Professor N. A. Sheveleva), Honorary Professor of Ural State Law University, Scientific Director of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, Professor Pasquale Pistone, Director of the Institute of International and Austrian Tax Law, Vienna University of Economics, Professor Michael Lang, Vice President of the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law and Head of the Master's Degree at the University of São Paulo, Professor Luis Chueri, Director of the Department of Economic and Tax Law of the Corvinus University in Budapest, Professor Daniel Deak, Head of the Master's Degree at the Republican University in Montevideo (Uruguay), Professor Addi Mazz and some others.       

It remains invariably important in the organization of teaching activities at the department to ensure the conduct of courses "Financial Law" and "Tax Law" at the bachelor's and specialist's jurisprudence. Teaching such disciplines as "International Tax Law" and "Budget Law" has become traditional for the department.

The department provides teaching within the framework of several master's degrees, primarily in the direction of "Tax, international tax and financial law" (where students acquire knowledge in 16 unique disciplines that contribute to the formation of professional competence in the most complex specialties in the field of taxation). Among the master's courses taught by the department are "Actual problems of international tax, tax and financial law", "Foreign tax law / Tax systems of foreign countries", "Peculiarities of consideration of tax disputes by arbitration courts", "Real estate taxation", "EAEU tax law", "Financial and legal bases of compulsory social insurance", etc.

The department has experience in teaching professional master-level disciplines for foreign students in English at various universities in the world (in particular, Western Europe and Latin America) and within the framework of the summer school for foreign students, organized on the basis of USLU. The course "International Tax Law" / "Russian Tax Law / Tax Planning in Russia" is taught in the framework of the Master's program of the Vienna University of Economics, some of its parts were also presented at the universities of Finland, Italy (at the University of Salerno and the University of Ferrara), Hungary (at the Cornivus University in Budapest), Brazil (at the University of São Paulo), Spain (at the Institute for Fiscal Research under the Spanish Ministry of Finance and at University of Vigo), USA (at the University of Florida).

The department carries out methodological support of academic disciplines: prepares textbooks, teaching aids, develops teaching materials. In particular, the textbook on the course "Tax Law", published by the publishing house "Urait" (Moscow), went through three editions (2013–2016). The textbook on the course "Financial Law", prepared with the participation of the department, has also passed several editions. In 2017, the «Statut» publishing house (Moscow) published the book "International Tax Law: Problems of Theory and Practice", which is the first academic publication in Russian in this discipline.

In 2007–2017, D. V. Vinnitskiy became the author / co-author and executive editor of more than thirty collective scientific papers in foreign languages (including in English, German and Spanish) used in the educational process (educational literature in foreign languages is used in the master's program and in the preparation of theses).

In order to coordinate educational and methodical activity of the department created educational-methodical group, whose members are permanently ensure the development, updating and testing of teaching materials; analysis and generalization of the results of interim and final attestation of students; discussion of new forms of teaching and problems of their implementation in practice. D. V. Vinnitsky, O. S. Zhgarev, A. I. Savitsky, E. V. Pustovalov, D. A. Kurochkin and others take an active part in the work of the training group.

The department works closely with many colleagues from leading higher educational institutions in Russia and other states (Italy, Brazil, China, South Africa, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, India, etc.). Cooperation is carried out in the following areas: holding conferences, open lectures, scientific and practical seminars; publication of monographs, collections, preparation and translations of articles; translations and publication in Russian of scientific works of foreign fellow scientists; opposing and reviewing dissertations, preparation of reviews for monographs; implementation of joint educational projects, including lectures by visiting professors, as well as management of educational programs for undergraduates; joint implementation of research projects related to tax and financial and legal aspects of cross-border economic activities.

The Department of Financial Law takes an active part in important international and all-Russian research projects, including in the organization of sessions of the Euro-Asian Legal Congress (starting from the 1st session in 2007), the Legal Forum of the BRICS countries (2nd and 3rd session), the Russian-Chinese Legal Forum (2015), the Russian-Kazakhstan Economic Forum (2014), assists in holding some events within the framework of the St. Petersburg Legal Forum, congresses of the European Association of Professors of Tax Law, Brazilian Tax Forum (2015), etc. The department contributes to the research activities of a number of important structures, including those created on the basis of Ural State Law University, the BRICS Law Institute, the Eurasian Research Center for Comparative and International Financial Law, the Organizing Committee of the BRICS Legal Forum / BRICS Law Experts Forum and developing countries, the Executive Committee of the Euro-Asian Law Congress.

Members of the department have participated in more than 20 serious research projects (dedicated, in particular, to the problems of integration in the Eurasian space), including by order of the Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and other departments and international structures.

For a fairly short period of time, the department has become an important and dynamically developing structural unit of the University, organizing scientific and educational work in the field of tax, international, financial and budget law, including such complex scientific areas, including such complex scientific areas as "International Tax Law" and "EAEU Tax Law", "Regulation of Cross-Border Investments and Trade in BRICS", which are aimed at both Russian and foreign students.