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Preparatory Institute (Faculty):

Department of Criminal Law

Head of Department: Kozachenko Ivan Yakovlevich
Doctor of Juridical Sciences
Address: 620137, Ekaterinburg, 23 Komsomolskaya St., office 410
Telephone: (343) 375-08-46

The Department of Criminal Law has existed since 1954 and is currently one of the largest in the structure of USLU (SLI). The staff of the Department brings together specialists in the field of criminal law, criminology, and criminal enforcement law, many of whom have rich practical experience.

The Department of Criminal law, together with other divisions of the University, has trained a significant number of legal professionals who successfully work in various law enforcement agencies and other organizations.

Equally important is the work of the department on training and education of teaching and scientific personnel. Over the 39 years of its existence, the department of postgraduate study has trained 86 candidates of juridical sciences. Most of them were sent to work in educational institutions of the Ural and Siberia; 15 graduates of postgraduate study became Doctor of Science and currently lead the largest teams in Russia and conduct basic research.

During the existence of the Department, its staff has demonstrated the ability to work productively and creatively in the field of creating scientific and educational literature. One of the modern textbooks of the Department was repeatedly republished by NORMA publishing House (Moscow).

The main values ​​shared by the staff of the Department of Criminal Law are: attention to people, creative development (no wonder the publication dedicated to the history of the Department is called "Test by Creativity"), compliance with the requirements of the time. Along with the preservation of traditions, the Department of Criminal Law develops participation in new forms of education (master's degree, regional extramural department), develops new teaching methods (for example, testing systems, including on-line).

Thus, the Department of Criminal law is an important center for the development of the science of criminal law, the center of the Ural school of criminal law.

The list of disciplines of the department: Criminal law (General and special part), Criminology, Criminal executive law.

Specialty Courses: International Criminal Law, Theory and Practice of Crime Classification and Sentencing.